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Charge your Phone with Body Energy

Charge your Phone with Body Energy

To everybody that believes in new innovations and new possibilities, I would like to present the idea of charging your cell. phone with the energy of your own body. We produce a lot of energy every single day, we breath, we eat, we drink, we watch, we walk, etc. etc.

Our company is currently brainstorming on a new idea, to develop a device that turns your body’s energy into electricity, enough to charge your cell. phone. I would like to challenge people to think of the possibilities of this idea.

We have a few concepts such as a device that turns your heart pulse (from your wrist) into electricity. As well as turning our body heat into a small current which can potentially charge your phones battery…

Anyway I would love to hear from you, be creative, think positive, focus on what’s possible, believe in your ideas, be original, give + & – comments etc.